May COVID Motions

During the COVID-19 pandemic, getting our clients out of jail is our priority. For client held presentence in Maryland, DC, or federal custody, we are pressing forward with bond review motions, motion to recall warrants or convert to summons, and alternatives to pretrial detention. For our clients held postsentence, we are seeking relief through motions for reconsideration, motions to stay, requests for 8-507, Governor Hogan’s order, home confinement through BOP and Attorney General Barr’s directive, or early release on home detention or parole. Our firm will explore all options, state or federal, to keep our clients safely at home or to secure their early release. At the same time, our firm stays focused on the ultimate objective on every case and for every client. We file all mandatory motions to protect our clients’ rights and we fight every issue in play, we make progress on every case, and we get our clients the best possible outcomes.