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RaquinMercer offers advanced DNA/forensic science consulting services for clients and attorneys. We identify the problems with DNA/forensic science in your case and develop comprehensive solutions and strategies to make sense of the science.

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NBC News Think: Steve Mercer on why private DNA databanks are the next big privacy battleground.

Steve Interviewed by FOX5 DC.

Golden State Killer case raises privacy concerns about DNA submitted to genealogy websites

WASHINGTON – Authorities have revealed that they were able to track down California’s most elusive killer by using a genealogy website. After the major break in the decades-old case of the Golden State Killer, the usage of familial data in a police investigation is now in the spotlight.

Sean Rameswaram talks with Steve Mercer about the DNA Familial Searching

In Today, Explained by Vox, Sean Rameswaram talks with Steve Mercer about the DNA familial searching in the Golden State Killer case opening Pandora’s box.

A DNA Database Helped Find A Suspected Serial Killer. How Is Your Privacy Affected?

More than a million Americans are sharing their DNA with ancestry websites. That helped the cops find the Golden State Killer. Good police work, but troubling implications for privacy.

About our Team.

Isabelle Raquin and Steve Mercer share a life-long commitment to securing freedom for wrongfully charged and convicted people. In this story written by Megan Rose and published by The Atlantic and ProPublica in 2017, you can read about Steve Mercer’s commitment to securing freedom for two wrongfully convicted men who were prosecuted based on junk science and a false confession, but decades later exonerated by DNA—only to face another round of prosecution. Read about our team.

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