Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this unprecedented time, we know the stress and uncertainty of a criminal case is suddenly much greater.

Although we have to adapt and accept our public health recommendations for phone contacts over face-to-face interactions, one thing remains clear and certain for us: RaquinMercer is open, we are working on our clients’ cases, and we are always on and by the side of our clients.If you have a new matter, our office remains open for phone consultations. For our clients, we are filing all required written motions or briefs on your cases during this time. Also, courts remain open for emergency matters like bail reviews and initial appearances.

We are concerned about the health and safety of incarcerated persons and we are closely monitoring the situation in the jails and prisons. Follow us on Twitter @raquinmercerlaw for news stories about how jails, prisons, and the criminal justice system are responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

When we accept a client, we commit to competition.

It’s our DNA.

Your choice of an attorney can make the difference between winning or losing your freedom, or winning or losing your case, whether it is at trial, an appeal or a post-conviction. When your future hangs in the balance, your legal team must understand DNA/forensic science and the law. The vision of RaquinMercer is to be the premier law firm for criminal trials, appeals, and post-conviction proceedings. Choose your attorney wisely. Choose RaquinMercer.
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Isabelle Raquin and Steve Mercer share a life-long commitment to securing freedom for wrongfully charged and convicted people. Isabelle and Steve share the same passion for criminal defense work. They enjoy the fight inherent to criminal cases and love to challenge every aspect of their clients’ cases, every step of the way. They thrive on the complexity of cases involving forensic science. No case, no science is too difficult for them to comprehend or too hard to contest. Their ethic is to litigate to win. Their ambition is to be a leader in the field of criminal defense work and forensic science. Isabelle and Steve compete together to achieve the best outcome for their clients. They use a collective and collaborative approach, work on cases together, and always consult each other. Clients in our firm are our clients.

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What’s New With Raquin Mercer – March 2020

March Motions!

Motions practice and Pre-Trial Litigation is a huge part of RaquinMercer’s litigation strategy.

Motions to Dismiss, Motions to Suppress, Motions to Sever, and Motions to Exclude are used in almost every case we have. Motions in Limine – in writing and in advance of the trial date – are the most tactical tools we used at our firm. Don’t wait for your trial date! Litigate Motions early and often!