Appellate advocacy is a specialized area of practice that is unfamiliar to many trial lawyers. Steve has 20 years of successful appellate experience, primarily in Maryland state appellate courts, but also in the D.C. Court of Appeals, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the United States Supreme Court. You can read here a recent appellate decision in a case successfully briefed and argued by Isabelle.

Most trial lawyers lack an understanding of the procedures of an appellate court, or how doctrinal principles shape and define the contours of appellate review. At the same time, many appellate attorneys lack the experience of jury trials, which limits their insight of the trial process. Steve and Isabelle believe that combining the art of appellate advocacy and the art of trial advocacy has a mutually reinforcing and amplifying effect on the quality of representation they provide to their clients. Trial experience, in particular mastering the art and psychology of telling a persuasive narrative, is an essential tool in an appellate practice. Also, knowledge of the appellate process is a critical part of honing legal arguments during a trial. RaquinMercer commits to both.

Please read here some 2019 appeals won by RaquinMercer:  Case 1 | Case 2Case 3Case 4

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The Right to an Appeal

When you file an appeal, you’re asking a higher court to review the decision of a lower court and consider changing the ruling. Defendants who are convicted by a judge or jury have an automatic right to appeal the conviction. However, defendants who plead guilty must be granted permission by the appellate court to proceed with the appeals process.

Grounds for Appeal

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The Criminal Appeals Process

After your original court case, you have 30 days to file a Notice of Appeal with the Court. Follow this time-sensitive requirement, or your appeal could be denied immediately.

Once a notice is filed, your attorney will request a transcript of the proceedings and organize a briefing that outlines what errors were made in your case. The attorney submits this briefing, and then the government sends you a response. You have the opportunity to reply to this response if desired.

In some instances, your attorney may have the chance to present your appeal orally before the Court of Appeals. The court then reaches a decision and notifies you of any change to your conviction.

The appeals process can be long and arduous, often taking many months or even years to complete. Having a knowledgeable criminal appeals attorney by your side is the key to successfully navigating the process and increasing the chance of a desirable outcome.

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