Unregulated Public and Private DNA Databanks Need Legislative Supervision

DNA databanks are proliferating outside of the FBI’s CODIS network of law enforcement databanks and the regulatory framework that presently governs the collection, retention and distribution of DNA samples and records. These shadow DNA databanks primarily exist at the local level and belong to local police agencies, or to private companies that sell databank related […]

Ancestry DNA: Consider Privacy Risks of Familial Searching

People who submit DNA for ancestry testing can unwittingly become genetic informants on their innocent family members when the police search an ancestry DNA databanks for partial matches. Until there are meaningful statutory protections and robust quality assurance safeguards, law enforcement should not search an ancestry databank for family members related to the individual who submitted the DNA sample. There is […]

COSA Indifferent to Warrant-less Use of Facial Recognition

COSA Treating it as Modern-Day Equivalent of Telephone Tip Facial profiling technology is a new weapon in the investigative arsenal with big-data implications for the collection, use, and retention of facial images (and gait—for longer range identification) in biometric fusion databanks. A recent Maryland intermediate appellate decision, Geiger v. State, Court of Special Appeals (December […]